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Key issues and policy

Curent issues:

Too many children live in poverty. It's time to deliver on the promise
  • Child and family poverty (ongoing)

    For more information visit Campaign 2000 website: 

  • Social Assistance Review in Ontario

    As part of its Poverty Reduction Strategy in 2008 the Ontario government promised a review of social assistance. The Social Assistance Review Advisory Council (SARAC) released its recommendations in June 2010 calling for broad review of income security, employment supports and related services for working age adults. To read the SARAC report, check Ministry of Community and Social Services website at

  • Special Diet Allowance

    In the 2010 budget the Ontario government announced that it is replacing the Special Diet Allowance Program for people on social assistance with a new nutritional supplement program.
    Many organizations are very concerned about this. The financial support provided through Ontario Works and the Ontario Disability Support Program is insufficient to meet even the most basic needs of the people who rely on these programs. There are fears that people with medical conditions that require a special diet may no longer be able to afford the food, medication and supplements that they need to be healthy.  Read the letter from Social Reform and Campaign 2000 to the Minister of Community and Social Services.

    Many organizations, including Ontario Campaign 2000, have endorsed a list of 5 principles that they want to inform the design of the new nutritional supplement program. See

  • Long Term Affordable Housing Strategy

    The Ontario government has committed to releasing in Fall 2010 a Long Term Affordable Housing Strategy, in support of the Ontario Poverty Reduction Strategy.  As a member of the Housing Network of Ontario, Family Service Toronto has endorsed the ‘’5 Tests for Success”

    Along with building more affordable housing and renovating existing public housing, FST supports policies to make existing rental housing more affordable by providing a Housing Benfit for low income renters. 

Presentations and factsheets on other current issues:

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