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Community Resource Facilitation and Service Coordination

Relationships are central when we start our work with individuals and/or families.  We understand that people belong to families and live in diverse communities where they need to feel welcomed and supported. 

We facilitate healthy family dynamics, community participation, advocacy, housing and access to funding, as well as a myriad of other supports.  We recognize that none of these things exists in isolation or in order of importance. Our approach is to look at the broader picture and find ways to facilitate interconnected lives within communities and family groups.

In doing our work, we strive to remain mindful of such factors as discrimination, social isolation, poverty and oppression that impact individuals and families, and shape the communities in which we live.

The following are some of the key areas in which we can support individuals and families:

  • Accessing funding
    We assist individuals and families to access funding from sources such as ODSP, Special Services at Home, Passport and any other available sources.  We assist with preparing applications, planning and going through the application process.

  • Housing
    We assist with identifying funding options for housing and finding a home that is accessible and fits with our clients’ life goals.

  • Advocacy
    Options provides links between people and services.  We are advocates, with experience in areas such as education, healthcare, legal matters, guardianship and more.

  • Individual and Family Supports
    Options work starts with identifying and acknowledging individual strengths, interests, values, skills and goals. We involve family members and the people important in the lives of our clients, supporting them to find creative solutions and ways to harness all their strengths to achieve life goals. 

    During this process we provide:
  • Circles of Support;
  • Supportive counselling;
  • Relationship building and modeling;
  • Planning for transitions (such as: starting school, primary to secondary school, secondary school to post-secondary life, employment, to adult relationships, parenting, to after school programs, to respite services, to independent living);

  • Service Coordination and Facilitation
    All work done at Options is directed by individuals and the important people in their lives.  To read more about our Person-Directed Planning services, click here (link to Planning Page). 

Our Community Resource Facilitators coordinate access to resources in the following areas:

  • Speech and augmentative communication systems
  • Prevention and addressing of neglect, abuse and conflict
  • Transportation: TTC – Metropasses, Wheeltrans, Private transportation, Accessing resources and supports for TTC training
  • Healthcare 
  • Mental health services
  • Psychological/psychiatric assessments
  • Guardianship and legal matters
  • Referrals for counselling
  • Assistive devices (scooters, walkers, braces, etc.)
  • Literacy programs
  • Life skills training
  • Day or employment programs
  • Volunteer work



If you would like to receive service from Options, please call us at 416-971-6326

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